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25 January 2013

Early in 2012 Newsquest Digital successfully introduced a method of targeting adverts, based on the weather.

Newsquest have successfully delivered a number of Meteotargeted campaigns since the launch. Local advertisers have said "The response to the adverts has been incredible" National advertisers have seen a 5 times higher CTR, and Newsquest facilitated a programmatic buy - allowing advertisers to react quickly and make use of regional differences and rapid changes to the weather . The Met Office are now launching a targeting tool for retailers later this year. The online tool will offer forecast information which would allow retailers and brands to develop weather and location-targeted short-period events that are not possible using general weather forecasts. If you are using this and planning activity Newsquest have the ability to deliver the message successfully.

Meteotargeting means we can tailor our commercial messages to specific weather conditions - for example, serving adverts for breakdown cover when it’s frosty or sunglasses during a heatwave.

What is Meteotargeting?

Targeted adverts based on the weather.

When is there a need for Meteotargeting and when is it relevant?

The weather is constantly changing and is different across all parts of the country, so there is always a need to send potential customers a message based on the weather. The weather not only affects travel, activities and plans but also people's moods – this can be one of the most important factors on sending a potential customer a relevant targeted message. The weather is always relevant and tailoring an advertising message to the weather can be as important as contextually, demographically or behaviorally targeting a user.

How does it work?

We pass the latest weather information into our adserver, be it sunny, rainy or snowy. Our adserver recognizes what the keyword is and requests a relevant advert to be served. We target a specific creative to the weather type and the advert is displayed. This can happen across the entire portfolio of Newsquest websites in England and Wales, again allowing us to target against various weather conditions, making it not only relevant to weather but to the local area as well.


We can target across all websites, we have created a specific sponsor position under the weather panel.

This weather panel delivers on all pages of our sites other than our classified search sections. We can also use any other ad position on the page and target it in the same way.


The reason why we created meteotargeting on our sites was for a number of reasons. We want to serve our users the most relevant advertising as possible. We know our advertisers will also get a better response with more relevant advertising. The weather can change quickly and can catch people out. For example the snow can cause all sorts of delays or problems in travelling – at times people cannot get to work. We can allow our adserver to be as reactive as the weather, so as soon as the weather changes so can the advertiser message. So we deliver relevant advertising, with no delays – whatever the weather. The immediate opportunities to potential advertisers may be automotive – target soft top cars to sunny weather, 4x4’s to snowy weather, home services for heating or boilers or services for frozen pipes in the cold snowy weather, and solar panels in the sunny weather, travel – a get away from the rain message, breakdown cover or winter service, sun cream or sunglasses for the sun, even retail for clothes – jumpers for the cold, T-shirts for the sunny times.

To get more information on meteotargeting across the Newsquest network contact us at or call 0800 977 7727

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