The Newsquest Exchange

Newsquest Digital now allows inventory to be bought programmatically.

Newsquest Digital has a platform for driving the efficient buying and selling of inventory in a private, real-time auction to maximise profitability.

Newsquest are placing inventory into a Private exchange, where we carefully select the partners we work with from top DSP’s and Agency trading desks in order to give our users high quality relevant advertising and keep a close relationship to the partners we work with. We manually approve every creative before it appears on our network of sites.

As a summary, here is what we are doing:

  • provide global control of inventory and yields
  • sell every non-guaranteed impression for the best possible CPM
  • maintain direct contact with agency buyers
  • make existing deals compete with Exchange demand
  • increase CPMs and operational efficiency
  • ad quality – to control what ads appear where and when

In addition to the above our ad exchange offers a strong optimisation tool, and we now place performance based campaigns on a CPC and CPA buy through the exchange to compete with all other campaigns in the private exchange.

The Ad Delivery Process allows us to apply all of our targeting methods as normal. It predicts the user responses based on multiple variables and historic data, the predicted probability that a user will click or convert is calculated. It then calculates the value (eCPM) of the impression to the advertiser based on the predictive outcome to eliminate ads that do not meet the ROI goals (CPA, CPC). Then among the remaining eligible ads it serves the highest paid ad in an auction model. This empowers us to use technology to optimise to performance rather than standard ad serving technology allowing advertisers to get the best possible performance.

To become a linked partner on the Newsquest Private Exchange or to find out more please contact:

Newsquest Media Sales

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